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A mastermind is a place to gather with like-minded humans who are ready for more. We meet every single month. This helps to keep you from drifting and to hold you accountable. It keeps you aligned with your goals and it helps you move through any blocks you may be having. It is a mentoring group where members of the community help one another to solve their problems with input and advice from the other members. This means that you get to voice real troubles you’re having in reaching your goals, and in real-time, the community will pour love and advice, and tangible ideas into your mind to help you move through it. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

This is a mastermind community that stands for togetherness. We stand for leaning on one another in difficult times and celebrating each other's wins. We stand for collaboration and growth and creating a life we love, unapologetically. This is a community meant for you to HAVE and USE your voice!! We want to help you get to where you’ve always wanted to go. And what better way to get there than with a community of people cheering you on?


Are you with us? Let's come together in community and thrive.

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We want everyone in this community to feel like they have a home here. Masterminds are not just a place to chat, but they are a place to bring everything to the table, 100% safely. Trust us when we say it’s a life-changing opportunity in and of itself to be surrounded by people who think like you. Who want more, like you. Who do the work, like you. But, they also need a little more love, like you. Let us surround you with that community and love and power. This is how you start to attract more of what you want. You are so powerful, now let’s let that shine. 

  • Members can join up to two one-hour powerful virtual mastermind sessions per month led by Shelby Hayle of The Hayle Co and Michelle Wolfe of the Muve Collective. Each session will begin with a mindset reset lesson. This will look like a mediation, a visualization, a journaling activity, or learning more about an important concept of the mind and mindset. We will then give members the floor. What do you need? What blocks are you currently having? What advice do you need to get to the next step in your plan? Let it all out and let the mastermind community do the work while you take it in!

  • You will also be part of our Private Facebook Community for Come Together Mastermind members only, so that you can connect with any of the Mastermind members, anytime! ** This is so powerful ** Connect with any member, anytime!

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