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Beat Perfectionism

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A question from listener, Alana: I’m a perfectionist, I’d love some tips on how to be less of a perfectionist. It can often be very tiring! 

As a witness to perfectionists, Dana feels empathy for you, Alana. It takes a lot of effort and work to change deep patterns and habits in our lives. Use mindfulness as a way to help become aware of harmful patterns and habits.

What is the motivation behind perfectionism? There are many deep layers to perfectionism, it is a very personal journey to explore. Decide what you truly love about yourself and show yourself grace.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • The life as a perfectionist 
  • Giving yourself grace, perfectionism is embedded in us from a young age
  • Breaking out of societal norms
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) might be an option to look into
  • Creating and embracing what you believe is imperfect, and perfect

The Take Home:

Both Dana and Michelle have very easy going and their personalities are often in flow. But they can relate with the concept of being a perfectionist. The only reason we feel unworthy is because we are comparing ourselves to other people who we deem is perfect. It is a tiring cycle of judgement and comparison. 

Dana reminds us, we are all perfect, imperfections and all.

“Leave who you were, love who you are. Look forward to who you will become.” -unknown

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Get in touch with Michelle or Dana: 

Michelle Wolfe

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Dana Ruby Martin

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