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Changing your Surroundings

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changing your surroundings

It is widely known that to improve your skills, you must learn and practice from someone who already walks in those shoes. Challenging yourself to improve does mean that there will be some sweat and tears, but the benefits of growing and learning are always monumental in comparison. Your surroundings reflect the outcomes you have in your life, so I encourage you to take a step back and see if you are surrounding yourself with people that help you move forward on your journey - or prevent you from it.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • How to challenge yourself to keep growing
  • What to look for in your inner circle
  • Surrounding yourself with things and people that will lift you up
  • Balancing fun relationships with relationships that encourage learning

The take-home: 

If you want the best for yourself, you must take a look at your surroundings. We are a product of our environment, so what kind of environment are you putting yourself in? What types of people are you surrounding yourself with? Are you attracting or asking for friendships that help push you? Help you grow? 

Something I’ve been doing lately is journaling and working to manifest more people in my life who are wiser and more accomplished than I am. I want to be able to have these people in my life so that I am constantly learning! Oftentimes we will find ourselves complacent or stagnant in our friendships, career, or goals because it’s familiar … but trust me, warriors, greatness comes from the unknown and it’s only a matter of stepping into it before you start to grow! So who are you going to attract into your life to make sure that you keep growing? You can do this, warriors! I am rooting for you and all that new knowledge that’s coming your way! 

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