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Cultivating Your Inner Truth

acceptance belief systems clarity core values dana ruby martin energies inner truth listen to your gut moving ahead muve forward podcast positive energy quote of the day walther rathenau Feb 02, 2022
Cultivating Your Inner Truth
Michelle and Dana discuss the value of knowing your inner truth so that you can live through its light and guidance. 
On this episode we dive into:
  • How to prevent living in "auto pilot" from social media
  • Why your inner truth does not require defense  
  • The importance of boundary setting
  • How to foster inspiration and creativity within yourself and not through your device
The Take Home!
Exploring your values and your belief systems takes time and energy. It takes clarity of thought and knowing that there will be adjustments with time and experiences. Social media can luminate or stifle our creativity and inspiration, so it's important to monitor the time we spend on our device and be intentional in its purpose. Michelle is sending wishes for deep clarity and inner truth!
Quote of the day: 
Truth is inner harmony - Walther Rathenau

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