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Getting Real With Alcohol

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Getting Real with Alcohol


In today's episode, I open up about my journey with alcohol. For many years of my life, weekly alcohol consumption was considered normal. Living in a very small community, it wasn’t out of place to be drinking heavily on the weekends or even on the weekdays, which I have come to learn is not only not normal, but it’s not healthy either.

Through reading the book, “Quit Like a woman” by Holly Whitaker, I learned that these beverages are not something to be used as a pastime, but instead, they are - and I mean literally, poison. If you’re here right now, you’re on your own health journey too. And I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned throughout mine, in hopes that it helps you to keep moving forward and ultimately, become the best and the healthiest version of YOU, too!

On this episode we dive into: 

  • The impacts of alcohol consumption.
  • Why I decided to quit drinking.
  • Books you can read to learn about how alcohol affects the body.
  • Why it took me so long to open up.
  • Alcohol and illnesses.

The take-home: 

The impacts alcohol was having on my life were many. It was affecting my physical health, emotional well-being, and even some social scenarios - and it was far from healthy. I encourage you all to look into the impacts alcohol may be having on your life, and see if it fits your current health goals. What are you putting in your body every day? What ingredients are in it? Can you make better health decisions to set yourself up for success? Well, I believe you can! You deserve to live long, healthy, and happy life - and if this is something you strongly desire to have, there is nothing that can stop you from getting there!

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