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Making Big Decisions With Grace

215 fort york blvd big decisions changes condo sale home life changes moving forward moving on muve forward podcast sale Apr 08, 2021
Making Big Decisions With Grace

Michelle is going through a big transition through selling her condo in downtown Toronto. There were barriers making her act slowly on the decision but realized her indecisive mentality was holding her back from taking some amazing steps toward her longer term goals. Regardless of the outcome, once her decision was made, she finalizes the emotions around it and moves forward without regret. 

Michelle talks about tackling massive life changes - looking back with grace, to move forward with excitement. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Moving forward without looking back in regret
  • Listening to our intuition while making big decisions, and trusting that a divine force has our back
  • How to move forward with grace
  • Reminiscing on big decisions does not mean regret needs to surface
  • Focusing on a simple commitment to yourself that you can implement everyday 

The take-home: 

Michelle believes our difficult experiences surface in our lives for a reason. We can feel grief and gratitude simultaneously. Although we are living in a challenging world, especially right now, set up daily reminders and habits for yourself to bring some lightness into your spirit.  

Michelle wants to help you implement habits that suit your lifestyle and amplify your daily routine. She is offering a FREE 15 minute Wellness Coaching consultation for the month of April. Contact her at the email below.  

Get in touch with Michelle:  

The Muve Collective:

Instagram: @themichellewolfe 

Collective Instagram: @muvecollective

Email: [email protected]

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