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Cheering for Change

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Cheering for Change

Are you embarking on a new path in your life? Did the pandemic completely shift your life around? Then, change is upon you.

Divorce rates are up 30% during the pandemic. Many women have been driven out of the workforce to become sole care providers for their family. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic. 

Mindfulness during times of change can be the support system you need. Surround yourself with friends who hype you up and cheer you on, listen to your favorite music or podcasts, eat food that makes you feel well and move your body. Even join the Mastermind that Michelle hosts with her friend Shelby Hayle. It is an incredible group of women who share with and empower each other.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Embracing change as inevitable events in life 
  • Being open to change 
  • The waves of emotions we feel during change 
  • The self-doubt that surfaces during change
  • Trusting the process, even the painful parts

The Take Home:

If you’re on a feel-good trajectory but are feeling totally-normal fear or hesitancy, Michelle is here to cheer you on! Embrace fresh starts for yourself. 

Think about something in the past that was really hard for you; a breakup, a loss, anything that was devastating in the moment but you got through it. Use that power to fuel you through the next big move you’re making. Difficult experiences transform us. 

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