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Finding Your True Identity with McKenna Reitz

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Finding Your Identity Mckenna Reitz

On today’s episode, I chat with McKenna Reitz. McKenna is a mother, teacher, podcast show host, and author of, “Having a Bad Hair Day". McKenna was diagnosed with alopecia shortly after giving birth to her first child, and she uses her journey through her diagnosis to teach and empower other women. McKenna states that “Alopecia didn’t take my identity away, it gave me my true identity,” and she continues to share her story of empowerment so that you too, can empower yourself no matter what struggle you may face!

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Getting diagnosed with alopecia.
  • What alopecia is.
  • How McKenna found her true identity through her diagnosis.
  • How ditching her wig empowered her.
  • How she supports other women going through their struggles.
  • How to show up everyday inline with your character.

The take-home: 

McKenna credits her successful journey to her attitude towards problems. She states that “the problem is never the problem, the problem is the attitude towards it”. After being diagnosed with alopecia, McKenna found herself fighting a seemingly never-ending battle. What she eventually came to learn, was that she was not actually fighting her diagnosis, she was fighting herself. When she realized that her continual failed attempts at getting her hair to grow back were only causing her more pain, she finally said, “I’m done”. McKenna realized that her situation was outside of her control but what she learned through this experience was that focusing on her character as a woman and individual, was not. 

The moment she decided to let go, McKenna noticed that something changed not only with her experience with her diagnosis but in her life. “Alopecia didn’t take my identity away, it gave me my true identity”. She found strength, individuality, and most importantly her true gift, teaching and empowering others. Reitz now sheds light on her experience with her book, “Having a Bad Hair Day,” to help others find their true identity, even without their hair. 

The problem is never the problem warriors, it’s your attitude towards it. So what are you going to do with the problems you’re currently facing? Now is the time to stand up for yourself, find your true identity, and shift your perception so that you too, can live a life that's true to YOU!

Get in touch with with McKenna Retiz: 

Business Instagram: @mckennareitz

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