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Revolutionizing the Oral Care Industry with Dr. Kourash Maddahi

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Oral Care

Dr. Maddahi is a cosmetic dentist who has been featured on Oprah, Entertainment tonight, Extreme Makeover, and numerous broadcasts. Dr. Maddahi is the author of the book The Toxic Overload and is an investors in startup companies such as Lumineux Oral Essentials. 

Dr. Maddahi shares his inspiring journey from not knowing a word of English, thriving through dentistry school and breaking into the heavily monopolized oral care market. With his clinical work and interest in the microbiome, he is investing in products to help improve our oral health outcomes.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Starting a business to compete with the biggest corporations in the world
  • The evolution of teeth whitening
  • How diet affects our oral health
  • Debunking common oral care myths
  • Our microbiome, our second immune system, a network of microorganisms mostly made up of good bacteria
  • The dangers of living in an over-sterilized world

The take-home: 

Not all bacteria is bad and Dr. Maddahi puts his life’s work into advocating for sustainable and safe oral health. If the idea of killing bacteria is helpful, then people shouldn’t have bad breath, cavities or gum disease. But rates of these issues are only increasing. We urge you to take a look at Dr. Maddahi’s work and products and see if they are right for you!

Where to find Dr. Kourash Maddahi:

Book: The Toxic Overload



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