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To Time or Not to Time

entrepreneurship giveaway keep going life lessons moving ahead reduce stress self empowerment time management time release time stress Oct 29, 2021
Time or Not to Time

Time is precious. It flies by so quickly, we truly have to appreciate its value. Do you feel overwhelmed when you’re stretched for time? Where your to-do list is longer than the hours you have available in the day? This can be taxing on our nervous system!

Michelle encourages listeners to heal our relationship with time. Stressing about lack of time can only perpetuate our suffering. Let’s be excited for what is coming rather than worrying about what we’ve missed out on.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Creation as self-empowerment 
  • Eliminating the time crunch to reduce stress in our lives
  • Seeing the beauty and possibilities of being content with where you are
  • Not everything happens for a reason, but there is a reason for everything


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