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Health, Wellness and Vitality with Steve Wiltshire

body temple chemical free suppliments get curious health & wellness health mentorship muve foreward podcast optimal health steve wiltshire Feb 14, 2022
Health wellness vitality with Steve Wiltshire

Steve is a passionate coach and mentor who transforms lives! In this podcast, he describes his incredible life journey which has led to his deepened understanding of wellness and vitality. He is the creator of Body Temple which offers chemical free supplements, mentorship and coaching for people to achieve optimal health, body and mindset. A truly beautiful and inspiring discussion! 

On this episode we dive into:

  •  Listen to your body & get curious – how do I feel? what do I desire? what are my intentions?
  •  Creating goals & pathways to meeting your life desires
  •  Using morning routines, affirmations, manifestation to amplify your vibrancy
  •  Steve & Michelle agree on how to begin restoring health - sweat, go green, eliminate sugar!   

The take away!

We all deserve health, wellness and vitality. We often need coaching and mentorship to get there. It’s important to be gentle and loving with yourself during your journey; as Steve mentions: enjoy the journey, stay in process and know that you will eventually arrive to your ideal destination. Your vitality and inner beauty are wanting to shine to your fullest potential!

Get in touch with Steve:

Steve Quinn Wiltshire, Founder

Body Temple Health & Wellness

Get in touch with Michelle: 

Michelle Wolfe





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