The Lifted Life with Sylvia Hall

Dec 20, 2021

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Going from being employed to entrepreneurship 
  • Thoughts creating feelings and the brain gut connection
  • Finding the “spark” again and getting over an existential crisis
  • When you listen to the whispers, you don’t have to hear the screams

Today’s episode Michelle is chatting with Sylvia Hall, the owner of Lifted Naturals. Sylvia is a teacher turned entrepreneur. With just 3-years (and extreme competition in her space), Sylvia Hall has built her company, to over $1m yearly in revenue.

Lifted Naturals is a wellbeing brand known for their revolutionary MOOD probiotics.

Two years ago, Sylvia ‘retired’ her husband, Tim, from his job so he could be home with them and bring the family closer.

Together with Tim, they host a weekly show, The Lifted Life Podcast, where they share insights and inspiration for feeling good.

The take-home: 

Once Sylvia started taking her health into her own hands, her business started to unfold for her. A natural leader and extrovert, this is such an uplifting, raw and beautiful episode! We are taking a moment of silence for all the Mom’s out there. XO

Where to find Sylvia Hall:

The Lifted Life Podcast

The Muve Forward Podcast:



Email: [email protected]



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