A loving Creation-Ship with Brittany and Ryan Ostofe

May 17, 2021
Loving Creation-Ship, Relationship

On today’s episode, I chat with Brittany and Ryan Ostofe - parents, and the hosts of the Laughing Couple Podcast! These two are a successful and hilarious couple who pride themselves in bringing and keeping fun and laughter within their relationship. Brittany and Ryan were not always in a great place in terms of their relationship, but these two managed to drop the things that weren’t serving them, communicate effectively, and laugh together after prioritizing what meant most to them: love, laughter, and respect. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • “Creationship” vs relationship.
  • What they do to keep their relationship thriving.
  • Using comedy in a relationship.
  • Voicing your opinions.
  • Unexpected pregnancy & parenting.
  • Being your authentic self in every part of your life.

The take-home: 

Brittany and Ryan credit their success as a couple to having a ‘creationship,’ instead of a relationship. They absolutely love, creating together. After going through a lull in their relationship, they found that they thrive best when they are both creating. Working and creating together, these two have managed to jump hurdles by bringing and keeping comedy within their relationship.

“Even when we didn't like each other, we still loved each other deeply and respected each other.” 

One thing that the Ostofe’s say helps them get through rough patches in their relationship is by addressing them bluntly. “Do you have to be right? Or do you want to be happy?”. Sometimes the key to a happy relationship is simply that. Choosing to be happy in moments when you or your partner are being tested and you know what warriors? I couldn’t agree more! 

Get in touch with with  Brittany & Ryan Ostofe

Podcast Website: https://www.thelaughingcouple.com

Podcast Insta: @thelaughingcouplepodcast

Brittany Personal Instagram: @bosstofe

Ryan Personal Instagram: @r.ostofe

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