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Accept the Past to Embrace the Future

be kind dana ruby martin life lessons listen to your gut look ahead mompreneur motivating tips muve forward podcast no regrets opportunity is knocking revivalbymartin&co starting again Oct 20, 2021
Accept the past, embrace the future

From listener, Elisa- Looking back on your journey, could you have done better and if so, what would you have done differently? 

Drop the word “should” from your vocabulary when you’re looking back. There’s no reason to look back in regret. Dana says to her kids, have fun, be safe and be kind!

Going forward, live intentionally everyday so that you can enjoy the moments of your day rather than live in auto-pilot.

On this episode we dive into: 

  •  Dana shares some huge Mompreneur news about her company, Revival by Martin & Co.
  •  We won’t always get it “right”
  •  Finding the joy in the mundane
  •  Embrace the in-between

The Take Home:

We might not be able to change past, but we can start living in the present to help us enjoy the future. We always have the opportunity to wake up and take control of our day. Take any opportunity you can to add beauty and joy into your life, whatever that might be, so that you never look back in regret.

Quote of the Day: Never feel guilty for STARTING AGAIN. It’s your chance to rebuild your life that way you wanted all along. -Rup Kaur 

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