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Believing in Yourself with Jenny B

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Believing in Yourself

On today’s episode, I chat with Jenny B, public speaker, and leadership coach! In the past year and a half, many of us have lost jobs, loved ones, and honestly? Even our minds at times - as did Jenny. Having lost all of her income streams within 48 hours, she managed to pivot when she needed to the most, and continue to share her gifts with the world!

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Bouncing back after losing it all.
  • Navigating relationships during times of struggle.
  • Leaning on your partner when you need to.
  • How to believe in yourself.
  • Finding blessings through hard times.
  • Using your own wisdom daily.

The take-home: 

Jenny has been a public speaker for over 15 years helping people to believe in themselves and inspiring them to become leaders! But once the COVID19 pandemic hit, her entire career path had changed. Her story will inspire you to, “stop drinking your own kool-aid”, and instead, start believing that you always have something to offer to the world!

Jenny, like all of us, had been impacted due to all of the changes that happened to our world in 2020. Within 48 hours she lost her job, all streams of income, and her tenant even pulled a “midnight move” without warning. Financial stress quickly seeped into her life, as her husband lost his job too. But none of this stopped her from continuing to believe in herself.

Although times were tough and there was no end in sight of COVID19, Jenny and her husband helped pull each other out of their funk together and find a way to thrive. “I believe that I have things within me that people need.” Jenny claims, “I believe in myself and I teach others to believe in themselves too - and so who would I be if I didn’t do that?” Staying optimistic and continuing to move forward is what got her and her husband through. Well, that, and his realist views to help balance them out. One thing that Jenny says she is beyond grateful for is the ability to help her partner believe in himself and also having a partner who brings her back down to earth when she needs it, “because after all, we still need to pay our taxes…”

Jenny compares rough times in life to exercising. If you want to see your muscles grow, you have to endure some pain. They will stretch, tear, and swell but, “It’s the hard things that sharpen us.” she says.  

I know many of you, warriors, are going through hard times yourself, whether related to COVID19 or not, and Jenny is living proof that the only thing standing in your way preventing you from moving forward - is you. So what do you say, is it time you get out of your own way and start believing in yourself? I think so! And what better day to start, then today!

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