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Changing Your Paradigm

bob proctor brain health canadian podcaster challenge your mind changing your paradigm gratitude gratitude journal mental wellness mindfulness practices muve forward podcast seing the positive Dec 09, 2021
changing your paradigm

The self-development and mindset world can seem difficult to navigate. Have you ever read a book and at the end shook your head to realize you didn’t really get anything out of it? Michelle just finished a book by Bob Proctor and is excited to share his tangible pieces of advice.

Brain health is a huge issue - an epidemic in and of itself. Michelle wants to open up the conversation around brain wellness. She evolves the conversation to include mindset and routines as a way to support our brain!

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Brain health concerns
  • Having a genuine, consistent practice of mindset work
  • Mindset as the foundation of shifting our thoughts and patterns
  • Tangible advice from Bob Proctor

The Take Away!

Gratitude practices have time and time again been proven to shift our mindset! Lets get intentional about what we are truly grateful for. Allow love into your life in abundance and sit in stillness everyday - witness the changes that occur! 

Get in touch with Michelle Wolfe:

Instagram: @themichellewolfe

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