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Exposing Life as an Influencer with Amanda Muse

amanda muse assualt conversations brain wellness canadian influencer entrepreneur hello friendo life as an influencer mental health mental wellness podcast conversations trauma talk youtuber Dec 06, 2021
Life as an influencer Amanda Muse

Amanda Muse is a YouTuber, mother and entrepreneur who is inspiring others to keep it real! Amanda shares her experiences of navigating her real life in an online world.

Being an extrovert is how Amanda makes a living. Amanda is also hit with crippling panic attacks. With a hit after hit of difficult news and experiences, Amanda expresses to us how she shares these moments with her listeners and how it actually nurtured an even deeper connection with her followers during a life-changing year.

Michelle and Amanda talk openly about taking anti-depressants and how they can be a terrific tool to help assist brain wellness.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • How to honour the self in an impersonal world
  • How to unplug when your job is to plug in
  • Finding stability during a family lay-off
  • Using medication to help brain health issues
  • Giving ourselves permission to rest
  • Just because your trauma isn’t as “big” as another person’s trauma, it still matters

The take-home: 

Brain health, the influencer life, and motherhood, Amanda is raw, real and inspiring in this episode of The Muve Forward Podcast. There is a trigger warning for this episode regarding Amanda’s experience of assault. Head to Youtube and enter Amanda’s home and witness her interview and connect with others on her podcast, Friendo.

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