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Face it Till You Make it with Emily Lyons

emily lyons femme fatale muve forward podcast chats toronto entrepreneurs May 24, 2021
Face it Till You Make it with Emily Lyons

Emily is an entrepreneur that started her first business in marketing in the night club industry. She had to completely renegotiate her business when the pandemic hit and she used it as an opportunity to level up. She creatively switched to virtual marketing and is able to target her audiences more specifically and successfully.

Blindsided by a family cancer diagnosis in July 2020, Emily describes her heart-wrenching experience with her Mother. Warning: this episode might bring tears to your eyes. Emily talks about her grieving and coping processes with Michelle, and how difficult it is during a pandemic. 

She reminds us that if your goal is only monetary, you will never be happy. And that the only thing that kills your fear is action. Emily recommends listeners to sit down, imagine you have a magic wand, and write out what your ideal life would look like if nothing was standing in your way.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Using the pandemic as an opportunity to level up in business 
  • The events and staffing industry as a high-stress environment 
  • The traumatic experience during a family cancer diagnosis 
  • Navigating a major family health crisis during a pandemic
  • The immense amount of grief associated with the loss of your Mother and sister 
  • Building a femmepire 
  • Luxury matchmaking 

The take-home: 

This episode is complete with a tragic diagnosis, loss and experiencing all of this while trying to be a resilient entrepreneur and forming community. 

Gathering coping mechanisms to get through difficult periods in our lives is not only helpful, it is necessary. Whether that means being in nature, crying it out, eating some chocolate, and watching some favorite movies, surround yourself with things that allow you to work through these emotions. 

Emily reminds us, we are not always strong and unshakeable, we are human, we are allowed to cry, we are allowed to let our friends whole space for us and sometimes it’s ok to fall apart.

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