Feel Good Naked with Chardét Ryel

Sep 26, 2022
Feel Good Naked with Chardét Ryel | The MUVE Forward Podcast

This week I am chatting with Behaviour Change Specialist Chardét Ryel all about body positivity, wellness and all things confidence. 

In this episode: 

  • Her early struggles with her image and how that evolved into an eating disorder
  • Her early belief that "if I can have smaller thighs, I can be beautiful too."
  • Her mission to help others believe that just because they don't look like others, doesn't mean they're ugly. 
  • How we acquire body image issues (since we're not born with them). 
  • What we all need to do to start feeling good about our bodies again

and more!

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More Abolut Chardét
Chardét is an author, wellness entrepreneur, and Behaviour Change Specialist and has coached women in a sustainable healthy lifestyle over the last 9 years. Her mission is to help women FEEL their best without all the usual rules. She is the host of the Feel Good Nakd podcast for women and the founder of Corpão Fitness, a Brazilian-inspired wellness brand. Chardét is focused on empowering women globally with body confidence and well-being that go beyond the scale.

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/chardetryel
Website: www.feelgoodnakd.com

Get in touch with the host:
Website: www.themichellewolfe.com

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