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Finding Pure Joy

finding pure joy focus on what you can change improve my life laughter life is wonderful live with abundance living in abundance move forward muve collective positive mindset puratae May 09, 2021
finding pure joy


Michelle reflects on the conversations she’s been having with her friends and family. There is a common theme: we all need more self care, more self love, and more quality time with each other. We also all need more than each of us can give. 

Whether it is telling jokes, taking baths, cleaning your space, getting creative with crafting, using your hands to garden or knit, establish your best self care medicine and stay consistent with it.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Figuring out what your best medicine is. Laughter is key.
  • Michelle’s ideas for self care and finding joy in our lives 
  • Riding the ebbs and flows of life, especially in a pandemic 
  • How creative energy can start an unstoppable fire within us 
  • The important synchronicities and blessings that add value to our lives 

The Take Home:

Feeling like a broken record, Michelle reminds us to find time for self care. Determine what self care actions you absolutely need and make them non-negotiable in your day.

Living in an abundant mindset truly helps us see past the little things that build up that might bother us throughout the day. We can go with the flow, and let it go.

The Muve Collective platform has inspired Michelle to continue to work on building a beautiful community of like minded individuals who value personal growth and development. Check out the website link below to learn more about the Muve Collective and becoming a member on this inspiring platform.

Get in touch with Michelle:

Michelle Wolfe

Instagram: @themichellewolfe

Muve Collective Instagram: @muvecollective


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