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Freedom Is Our Right

2022freedomconvoy belief canadian convoy faith freedom intuition toxicspace Jan 27, 2022
Freedom Is our Right

Michelle talks about the current freedom for our rights convoy across Canada! Honouring the community and country for standing up, speaking out and finally looking for answers. Recognizing those who have felt unheard, alone, disappointed and saddened in any life situation. The toxic space that comes from “keeping quiet” and ignoring your inner truth. 

When forced at anytime to do something that doesn’t feel aligned with your beliefs is wrong and goes against our moral code. Not listening to your pain will only lead to bad things!

Today’s lessons of hope and faith help support those who feel unheard and alone.

Get in touch with Michelle:

Instagram: @themichellewolfe

The Muve Forward Podcast: @themuveforwardpodcast




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