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Getting Off The Hamster Wheel

belief canadian podcaster changes creating changes get focused hamster wheel intuition keep going lifes journey moving forward muve foward podcast new path one step at a time yearning for change Jun 24, 2021
getting off the hamster wheel

Are you getting dizzy riding the hamster wheel that’s called your life? Is your mindset stopping you from getting off the wheel, even if you know it’s causing you harm?

Reflecting on her past experiences with food, Michelle expresses the catalysts that created change in her life so that she can adopt a more intuitive approach. 

It can be discouraging when we feel like we aren’t evolving, even when we are putting in hard work. ‘Do the work” is a blanket statement and normally broad and shameful. So, what is “the work”? Michelle explores what this statement means and how you can implement small tools in your life that really make a difference. 

On this episode we dive into:  

  • Getting off the hamster wheel that isn’t serving a purpose for you
  • Listening to your body so that you can adopt a more intuitive lifestyle
  • Self-help and it’s value in your life
  • Breaking habits that align with a better version of yourself 
  • The community and spectrum of different tools strategies and tools that you can use to break cycles

The Take Home:

When we are living a fast-paced life, we don’t have the time to think about how our body feels, or what we need in our relationships, career and finances. When we adopt stillness techniques, like body scans a few times a day, or meditation, we can tap into our energetic needs. 

Repetitive patterns, when your soul is yearning for change, can make you feel like you’re a hamster stuck in a wheel. What can you do today to spark a positive change in your life?

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