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Habit Hacks

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Habit Hacks

How are you feeling? We’ve been through a lot in the last year and a half. Many of us are going through shifts and changes. We are now emerging into the world again. Have you checked in with yourself since becoming more social, integrating new habits, and adjusting to a different way of life?

Are you being mindful about what you want to adapt to, and what you can leave behind? 

Mindfulness can help us create and appreciate a life that is fulfilling. Do you love being near water? Are the mountains calling your name? Do you crave more quality time with your family? How can we find more time in our day to do more of the things that bring us joy and less of the things that drain our energy.

Michelle also talks about her upcoming LIVE event with The Muve Forward Podcast in Scarborough at the beautiful Guild Inn, on Wednesday August 18th!

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Emerging into society again
  • Checking in with ourselves 
  • Mindfulness as a tool to gain appreciation for our lives
  • Tweaking our lives in ways that save us space, energy and time
  • Time hacks for the unknown circumstances that arise, to avoid stressful situations and anxiety

The Take Home:

We can get caught up in moments that become hours, that become days and then routine. Are the habits that you’ve integrated into your life helping you or harming you?

As a society, we value multitasking and chaos. But this fast-paced vibe is draining us of our energy and joy. This week, be conscious of where you can honour and prioritize more joy in your life. A minute, an hour or a moment, do this for YOU!

Michelle wants her listeners to reflect on certain habits that they might be in a cycle with. Can you change your life so that you move slower, with intention and flow? 

Get in touch with Michelle Wolfe:

Instagram: @themichellewolfe

Muve Collective Instagram: @muvecollective


We are having a live event! Don’t miss out on attending a LIVE recording of The Muve Forward Podcast at the Guild Inn, Scarborough on August 18th. 


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