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Healing your Traumas to find your True Self with Johan van Vuuren

authentic self body alignement childhood trauma forgiveness healing healing wounds johan van vuuren male spirituality man from somewhere man talks moving forward positivity trauma healing woke Feb 21, 2022
healing trauma

As an adult, Johan realized that his childhood trauma had negative impacts on his outlook and life. Johan started a healing journey that involved forgiveness, connection, nature and honest and open dialogue. He is an inspiration to others to live a connected and healed life.

On this episode we dive into:

  • The impact of our familial and societal conditioning as children
  • How early life traumas impact our development & success later in life 
  • How to initiate the healing of those traumas to create mind and body alignment
  • Your thoughts are not the truth – observe them but don’t attach to them

The take away!

Healing our historical traumas is often needed in order to thrive as our most authentic self. We all deserve healing in order to be free to move forward. I wish us all peace and love as we examine the healing that has occurred in our lives and the healing that remains untouched. Johan’s healing inspiration and positive messages can be seen on Tik Tok or Instagram.

Get in touch with Johan: 

TikTok manfromsomewhere

Get in touch with Michelle: 

Michelle Wolfe






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