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Healthy Living Doesn't Have To Feel Hard with Jordan Wavra

Nov 21, 2022
Healthy Living Doesn't Have To Feel Hard with Jordan Wavra | The MUVE Forward Podcast

This week I am chatting with Holistic Nutritionist Jordan Wavra all about nutrition. If you know me personally, you will know that nutrition is an important part of my life and even still, this episode reminded me of things that I have been taught already that I wasn't implementing.

This episode is for both those who want to learn more about nutrition and those who want to be re-inspired to continue to look at your health or lifestyle and find the ways you can improve your health today.
In this episode: 

  • How her early years of being sick impacted her desire to pursue nutrition as an adult 
  • How Nutrition Response Testing changed everything for her
  • How the things we consume can affect those who are trying to get pregnant and help prevent miscarriage 
  • How Holistic Nutrition is so much more than just food
  • Where to start when you're ready to start a total life overhaul 
  • Encouraging your kids to be on board 

and more!

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