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Human Connection + Talking To Strangers with jeni b

Oct 17, 2022
Human Connection + Talking To Strangers with jeni b | The MUVE Forward Podcast with Michelle Wolfe

This week I am chatting with the lovely jeni b all about the importance of human connection and how her early life shaped why this is so important to her in adulthood. 

This episode covers:

  • Why we need human connection now more than ever 
  • Finding the good in others 
  • The lessons she has learned during her travels and why she feels like you can't come back from anywhere new unchanged 
  • How single motherhood shaped her
  • The real reason she almost didn't start her podcast 
  • Her advice for those looking to seek human connection
  • The power of a love note 

and the meaning behind the saying simple things can lead to big stories.

More About jeni

jeni b has been producing and writing in TV & digital for over 20 years and she hosts the popular storytelling podcast this is it actually. 

jeni has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and non-celebrity people. She loves talking to strangers.

With 37k downloads, 380+ guests (and their stories), and a digital TV spinoff with the same name, jeni's podcast is currently in its 3rd season.

jeni is a regular contributing writer for the popular blog FIND YOUR PLEASURE and she is unapologetically proud to say she was the voice of MTV Canada’s CRIBS.

jeni is a magnet for ordinary people living fascinating lives and her podcast draws on personal experiences to help others share theirs. She loves telling stories, both written & visual, and always returns her grocery cart to its proper spot.

Instagram:  @thisisitactually
Podcast: This Is It Actually


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