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Invest in Your Self-Development Process

dana ruby martin femal podcast invest in you make the moves podcasting revival by martin and co Oct 15, 2021
Invest in your self-development process

From listener, Andrea- What advice would you give someone who is new to the self-development work?

Start with what feels inherently right for you. Michelle would listen to podcasts and Youtube videos that sparked inspiration and resonated with her. She became aware of her friendships and relationships and started to reflect on how to make changes in her social life. This is when she started to feel true change in her self-development work.

On this episode we dive into: 

  •  How to start to become committed to self-development work
  •  How renegotiating our relationships is part of the self-development process
  •  Finding podcasts and specific platforms that align with you
  •  Overcoming the fear in your heart to make changes in your life

The Take Home:

Take the course. Change the dynamics of a relationship. Make the moves. If there's anything Michelle can impart, it’s to make changes in your life sooner than later. We only have one life! You deserve to commit to self-development work. But Dana reminds us to be light-hearted, playful and curious. There are no rules to how you do this!

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