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It's OK if it Rains On Your Wedding Day

here we go in control of you muve forward podcast number one positive vibes rain is ok special day wedding day saying you've got this Jan 06, 2022
positive vibes

On this episode we dive into: 

  • The concept of control, especially as a new “lockdown” is starting
  • A rabbit hole of blame and agitation that is easy to succumb to
  • Letting things out, working through it, and letting it completely go
  • Humility is a lifesaver

We have entered a new lockdown era in Ontario, Canada. Michelle uses this episode to chat about the idea of control. We can’t completely control our environment, we can’t control what others do and say, we can only control what we think, feel and do.

It’s so natural to feel overwhelmed right now. But anger and frustration doesn’t need to be our baseline. Eventually we need to surrender to life. How do you want to choose to deal with circumstances you just can’t control?

The Take Away!

Michelle takes us down a very relatable train of thought that occurred to her on New Year’s Eve - we’ve all been there. She reacts to herself with compassion and perspective. We have the ability to change habits! Let 2022 be the year of YOU!

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