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It's Ok to Not Always Be Ok

angermanagement badday dailyhabits feelingstrange funk gratitude happiness harddays honesty laugh lifelessons overcoming toughtimes truefeelings May 28, 2022
It's ok to not always be OK

Although we want to strive for more good day's then "bad" days, IT IS OK if you have a day where you don't feel yourself.

Michelle gets real on todays episode and shares about a strange day she had where things just didn't seem to be working out for her. Sometimes trying to focus on what we are grateful for, just doesn't seem to cut it. It doesn't seem to switch the light on when we are in some of the darkest days. So what do we do? How do we get out of that funk? Tune in to hear how Michelle was able to ditch the anger and get back to feeling more like herself.

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