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Menstruation and Hormonal Health with Cassandra Wilder

body literacy body love cassandra wilder girl chats gut health hormone imbalance learn about the body menstruation mentrual cycle muve forward podcast painful periods the pill Feb 07, 2022
On this episode we dive into:
  • the concept of body literacy, listening to and learning about our bodies
  • learning to trust our knowing - if you feel something is "off" with your health, then it is
  • hormonal imbalances and how they affect our overall functioning
  • the impact of nutrition, exercise and stress on our menstrual cycle
  • tracking our menstrual cycle with more awareness and understanding
  • how to encourage/allow our partner to honour and support us during our cycle
The take away: 
Menstruation is a sacred part of womanhood but little is understood or known by people. Cassandra helps empower women with her knowledge and passion for hormonal health & menstruation. Cassandra offers guidance for women to gain sovereignty in their own health by being curious, cultivating a desire to learn and welcoming a more intimate connection with their body. This was a really beautiful and empowering discussion! 

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