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Michelle & Dana are in the Mood & Spirit to Nourish Their Mind & Body!

dana ruby martin dreaming girl chats happy thoughts holidays life lessons manifesting muve forward podcast poistive converations values wash hair less Feb 12, 2022

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Washing our hair less – it can add vitality (and save time!) 
  • Dreaming and manifesting about travel – how & where 
  • The power of wearing bangles with beautiful energy and messaging (Dana’s creation!) 
  • Connection and service and how they relate to Michelle and Dana’s values  
  • The importance of deep rest when needed 

The take away! 

In this episode we take time and intention to manifest and dream. We also take time to explore a variety of ways that we show love, care and appreciation. We explore our core values and agree that they can and will evolve and adjust with time and experience. A nourishing episode!   

Quote of the day: The Earth has music for those who listen – William Shakespeare  

Get in touch with Dana: 

@danarubymartin Discount code "MUVE15" when shopping


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Michelle Wolfe 





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