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Money Mindset with Danielle Amos

canadian leaders danielle amos dream big get comfortable with money go for your goals money mindset money talks muve collective muve forward podcast podcast questions podcasting from toronto woman of power Apr 26, 2021

Warriors, I had the pleasure of having Danielle Amos back on the show! Danielle is a high-performance mindset coach and today, we’re talking all things money! Danielle began her journey towards changing her ideas about money and success after recognizing that she had been missing a vital piece of it all, having the right mindset! 

On this episode we dive into: 

    • Women and money
    • Creating a positive money mindset 
    • Your attitude and how it can impact the amount of money you earn
    • Victim mindsets and how they impact your success
    • The power of the willingness to learn
    • Belief systems and how they work
    • What you can do right now to start manifesting the money you desire 

The take-home: 

Danielle Amos credits her success with money, to her mindset. She teaches that no matter your current thoughts and beliefs about money, it can be changed. We are all deserving of living a life full of abundance, but what it really comes down to, is if we think we are worthy of receiving it. 

Everyone has the capability of being successful - whatever that success looks like for them. So, continue to ask yourself questions about money and get clear about what you want. Seek out a mentor who is doing the things you’d love to be doing, and have a willingness to learn. This is how you can begin to manifest the money you desire.

Getting clear on what you desire financially, is one of the first steps to manifesting it into your life! If you desire to be a millionaire, ask yourself, how many millions? Be as specific as you can when you write it down - and then visualize it! Getting clear on what you want allows for the universe to better see and understand your desires. So what are you asking for, warriors? Are you getting clear on what you want to bring into your life? The time is now, so write it down because you all deserve a life full of abundance!

“If you believe things are working, they will work!” - Danielle Amos

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