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Normalizing Female Facial Hair

beautiful beauty within facial hair female facial hair get real girl hair imperfections muve forward podcast normalizing wierd podcast chats remove hair unwanted hair we are unique Feb 17, 2022
Female facial hair

Michelle has been inspired to GET REAL. She feels (mostly) ready to talk about her journey dealing with unwanted facial hair. Michelle is relishing in the freedom that comes from being honest and open (and not worrying about what others think!)

On this episode we dive into:

  • Normalizing facial hair for women 
  • Strategies to deal with unwanted facial hair (if you want to!)
  • Recognizing the beautiful and unique bodies we have (no matter what they look like)
  • Not worrying about what others think

The take away!

Life is too short and amazing to feel bad about stuff out of our control. Let’s embrace our imperfections; let’s share things that scare us. It will set us all free! 

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Michelle Wolfe





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