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Not For Another Second with Leah Brathwaite

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Not for another second

On this episode we dive into: 

  • The daily conditioning we go through that isn’t created to align with who we truly are
  • Expectation vs Reality
  • Creating a life that has meaning and purpose
  • How living in the present moment can be the true guiding force
  • Re-programming our mindset

Leah is an entrepreneur who knows what it feels to hit rock bottom. Through her acronym, LIVE FREE, Leah helps others de-condition their past to create an amazing life for themselves. At a certain point in our lives we learned that there was a “wrong” way to do things and a “right” way to do things. We learn to deny intuition that is most in line with who we are, and we live a life based on what we think is right.

Leah recounts her moment of truth when she realizes she can not, for another second, live the life that she was living. Admitting that something wasn’t right in her life, and riding on a small wave of courage, propelled her on a journey that took her through the depths of rediscovery, finding her purpose and passion.

The take-home: 

Breaking up with her people-pleasing, perfectionist persona, Leah is a true force to reckon with when it comes to making sure she is living a free lifestyle. We are so inspired by Leah and urge listeners to take a look at her website if they feel called to.

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