Opening Up Your Mind To Attract What You Want with Michelle & Dana

Nov 02, 2022
Opening Up Your Mind To Attract What You Want with Michelle & Dana | The MUVE Forward Podcast

It wasn't long ago that the conversation around spirituality was being confused with religion. And while we have come so far in realizing that these are two very different topics and beliefs, we have a long way to go.

Each of us are on our own path or journey when it comes to spirituality and we all learn at different stages and different times in our lives.

Before you press play on this episode, Dana and I challenge you to be open-minded and receptive to what we're about to talk about.

In this episode:  

  • Changing your mindset when you're in an unhappy space to be more receptive in order to allow your perspective to change

  •  Dana's take on mechanoreceptors

  • We attract what we believe to be true 

  • The energy of gratitude vs abundance and why we need to be careful with this

  • Focusing on appreciation and gratitude to begin to awaken to the fact that you already have enough

and more!

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