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Parenting in the Acting World with Madison Cheeatow

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Parenting and working mom

Actress and artist Madison Cheeatow joins Michelle on the podcast this week. She talks about acting, her true crime podcast and how she’s teaching her kids the tools they need to navigate this world.

Madison can be seen on the Ruby Skye P.I. series and Heartland, as well as a spin-off series, Hudson. You can also watch her on the Netflix horror series, Slasher.

On behalf of her daughter, Michelle asks, “As an actress, how do you kiss boys that you don’t want to kiss?” Listen in to hear Madison answer with grace.

On this episode we dive into:  

  • Being a Mom in the acting world
  • From acting, to true crime podcasts, how being an actress in the pandemic has shifted 
  • How to balance exposure to the real world but protect your kids all the same
  • How to fit self-care into a busy schedule
  • Boundaries in the acting world 

The take-home: 

As Madison recounts her experiences of entering the acting world, becoming a Mom before her friends and starting her true crime podcast, we can’t help but feel curious and excited about what is next for her. Madison reminds us that having time to live out our creative passions is not only fun, but necessary for survival.

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