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SPECIAL EPISODE! Chats With a Kid-Preneur.

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Special Episode, Kids Change Kids

Today we have a special guest on our quickie episode, kid-preneur and Michelle’s stepdaughter, Sarah, joins us to talk about her sticker company, Kids Change Kids. 

After a stroke of inspiration during a task at school, Sarah decided she wanted to start a business to help raise money to give back to a very dear-to-her-heart institution, Sick Kids Hospital. Three Christmases ago, Sarah was in the hospital with pneumonia. She completely missed out on spending Christmas at home with her family. With profits that she makes through her sticker company, Sarah hopes to buy teddy bears to children going into surgery so that they can feel comfort when their parents aren’t around. 

Kids Change Kids has a few sticker series’. They have an affirmation series, a birthday series and much more to come! The affirmation series came out of a bullying experience that Sarah went through at school.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • How a 9 year old was inspired to start a small business in the sticker industry
  • Sarah’s sticker business, Kids Change Kids, and how she wants to give back to her community 
  • Managing difficult emotions and feelings by creating a “mind jar”, and art therapy 
  • The power of affirmations 

The Take Home:

Kids have the potential to make a huge impact and that is reflected in 9 year old Sarah’s big ideas to create her sticker business, Kids Change Kids. Sarah is building a sticker company so that she can stay focused on donating gifts and teddy bears to children at Sick Kids Hospital who might be going through a difficult time, especially around Christmas. Sarah encourages us to check out her Etsy page, and purchase some stickers for yourself or friends. Each order will come with a hand written note from Sarah and a special star sticker. 

In the words of kid-preneur, Sarah, “Shine bright and move forward!”

Get in touch with Michelle or Dana: 


Instagram: @themichellewolfe

Move Collective Instagram: @muvecollective



Kids Change Kids 

Instagram: @kidschangekids


If you spend over $50 you will receive a free sticker!

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