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Taking Massive, Imperfect Action with Elisa Kurylowicz

becoming authentic childhood trauma elisa kurylowicz elisa unfiltered: living life out loud life awareness life lessons muve forward podcast number one podcast taking action toronto podcaster transformational coach Jun 28, 2021

Feel the energy in this episode explode through your headphones! Life Transformation Coach, Elisa Kurylowicz, gets real and raw on some profound topics with Michelle today. 

Elisa strives to live in true awareness of her thoughts, her inner voice and the narratives she tells herself. She is critical of information that she consumes on social media, diet culture, thoughts, patterns and habits. Elisa encourages listeners that understanding the “trends of our conditioning” might help us re-establish our true wants and desires. 

People who look like they living a free-flowing life are able to separate themselves from what they think other people expect from them, their “default settings,” and are tapped into what they truly desire. 

Elisa talks about “raising the bottom” of our reactions to difficult situations. So that when we do have bad days, our low isn’t continuously as low as it was yesterday. Manage your self talk, take action and respect your own feelings.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Becoming your authentic self on social media
  • The gap between the “knowing” and the “doing,” how to turn your knowledge into action
  • How our mental models are formed and our ability to change our own narrative 
  • Hearing and respecting the nudges that are guiding you into alignment 
  • Releasing anger in a non-violent way. (We are not responsible for the actions of others)
  • How living through an abusive relationship can be a reflection of the type of abuse we treat ourselves with. And only until it becomes beyond our threshold do we realize the extent of our mistreatment
  • Making peace with our inner child so that we can attract healthier relationships with ourselves and others
  • Doing the “work” that helps us create meaningful change in our lives 

The take-home: 

Elisa explains that the more you practice awareness (observing how you think and how you act/react), you develop a skill that creates space between your reaction and your action. This is truly living in the present and the voice of our truth will present itself. 

We get to define the words we use. Whether it comes to childhood trauma, divorce, love or loss, we can mindfully create our own energy around our words and experiences. 

Elisa wants to remind you to listen to and respect the cues of your body: hunger, thirst, exhaustion, holding back tears, all of it. How long are you willing to hide your SELF? The more clear we are with how we communicate, the healthier our lives will become. 

Take a breath in the space between your mind, body and soul and hold space for yourself there. 

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