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Taking Ownership of your Life with Anna Lozano

anna lozano energies happiness high vibrations life choices love powered co. love your life manifestation positivity supporting your life vibration your life Mar 14, 2022
taking ownership of your life with Anna Lozano

Anna Lozano is back on the podcast to chat about the shift she is seeing in her life - through her energy and vibration.

In this episode:   

  • How Anna and her husband looked at the pandemic as an opportunity instead of letting it drown them in fear
  • The importance of bringing awareness to our thoughts 
  • Closing doors on friendships that are no longer supporting the next level you are stepping into
  • Taking ownership of your life
  • How to support your children when they are dealing with low energy 

and so much more!

More About Anna:
Anna Lozano is the Co-Founder of affirmation company, Love Powered Co. She is a Coach to female founders, and an investor. She is raising two mindful girls in Kelowna British Columbia.

Get in touch with Anna:
IG: @_annalozano

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