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The Hero of Your Story with Ryan Nurse

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Hero of Your Story Ryan Nurse

On today’s episode, I chat with Ryan Nurse, a man whose story will inspire you beyond words. After being attacked at a nightclub, Ryan found himself in a coma. During this time, his Doctors predicted that he would never return to the life he once knew. But his Father assured his Doctors that Ryan would, “show up on his own time” - and to not give up on him - and Ryan did just that. Ryan also shares his story of spending six years travelling the world in the relationship of his dreams following his accident and then going through a breakup that led him to a dark period of depression and alcohol and drug use. Today’s episode goes into the story of how he got through it all, and so much more. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Ryan’s experience of learning how to walk and talk all over again
  • How his breakup lead to drinking and drug use
  • Overcoming alcohol and drug use
  • What his period of depression looked and felt like
  • How he overcame depression
  • Using gratitude to find joy
  • What you can do to move through your own struggle 

The take-home: 

After waking up from his coma, Ryan not only had to heal mentally - but he also had to relearn many things that we take for granted every day; walking, talking and even using the bathroom. Following this, he fell in love and traveled the world. Then, after six years, this relationship ended and led him to another dark period in his life - one in which he thought alcohol and drugs were the answer to his healing. 

He quickly became desperate for happiness.

“I was seeking external happiness through drinking or drugs. I thought I would find happiness there, but it isn’t true, it comes from within.”

After five months of being immersed in a very dark place, one day, Ryan realized that he had in fact, overcame much worse things in his life before and he made a decision that he could, “overcome this too." And so, he chose joy. He chose to move forward and choose a mindset of positivity and happiness.

“You are the hero of your own story and as long as you’re alive, you can make that story into anything you want to.”

Ryan is living proof that no matter what may come your way, warriors, you are capable of overcoming it too. 

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