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The Hot Girl Summer Conversation

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Hot Girl Summer

From listener, Lindsey: I have daughters and I want to make sure I’m helping them feel confident with who they are. What advice would you give?

It starts with YOU. If you are sharing your own confidence and owning where you’re at, your children will absorb that. If you’re constantly putting your body down or picking yourself apart in the mirror, so will they. Wherever you are most confident, invite them in.  

Show your kids that it is ok to make mistakes! Because your children will be more inclined to try something new if they know that it’s ok to make mistakes. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Clearing our social media feeds to feed our confidence not our insecurities 
  • Raising confident daughters 
  • Being conscious of how we show our own confidence around our children 
  • Being honest with our kids if we aren’t confident in a certain moment, to bring a sense of humble to a situation 
  • Dana pulls a card that reminds us to breathe and remain patient

The Take Home:

A reminder from Dana, we aren’t aiming for perfection, we are aiming for a good time. Michelle recalls moments in which she shares her apprehensiveness to new experiences in front of her daughter, but she sees that it helps take the pressure off of her and she can be herself in these moments. When others around us are vulnerable with us, we can be vulnerable too. 


More Than a Body by Lexie and Lindsay Kite

"If you don’t have confidence you’ll always find a way not to win.”- Carl Lewis

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