The Inner Work Creates an Outer Shift

Jan 21, 2022
inner work creates an outer shift

Michelle shares a recent family loss. She wants listeners to acknowledge the grief and trauma that is truly present in our world right now. And how living in this collective grief is all the more reason to be listening to our bodies and speaking our truth.

Be curious about peeling back a few layers in your life today. It might be one of the most challenging projects you take on, but one of the most valuable ones that you’ll ever experience. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  •  We gotta have faith
  •  Big T and little t trauma
  •  How our reactions are a reflection of our internal environment and past trauma
  •  If we don’t deal with big emotions and feelings now, they might impact us later on

The Take Home:

Therapy is not fun - but it’s not meant to be. But right now is arguably the most important time of our lives to become more in tune with ourselves. Michelle’s hopes are that you have a safe space to express yourself within. Sending love your way today!

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Michelle Wolfe




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