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Unpacking Past Trauma In Order To Move Forward with Leisse Wilcox

Apr 11, 2022

In this episode of The MUVE Forward Podcast, Michelle interviews top life coach and best-selling author Leisse Wilcox about the importance of understanding our past traumas in order to move forward in adulthood. 

They cover:

  • The struggles to navigate and understand relationships
  • The moment in her own life that taught her she needed to make a shift in life 
  • How to navigate life in a optimistic yet practical way
  • Honouring our past and understanding that it's what shaped who we are today (good or bad)
  • Changing the narrative around being "broken"
  • The wounds we may never recover from
  • Her parenting philosophy

and more!

For more from Leisse:
Instagram: @leissewilcox

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