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Navigating Friendships During The Pandemic

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Navigating Friendships during the Pandemic

The ladies answer a question: Since the pandemic, what our listener thought were close friends are no longer present, or showing up for them. They ask, how do you find strong, genuine friendships?

Showing up in our friendships through a pandemic has changed for all of us. 

Michelle has built some incredible relationships online and throughout the pandemic, and she has had the ability to nurture these friendships. There is something really valuable in our online friendships. 

When you are attracting online friendships, there’s a connection on the basis of inspiration, rather than a time-place connection. We don’t seek our friends to fulfill us, and we aren’t alive to serve others. When our cups are full, we attract others who also have full cups. We harmonize with people who are like us, says Dana.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Navigating friendships in a pandemic 
  • How to build solid relationships 
  • Drifting apart from or evolving away from certain friendships 
  • Being confident in moving on from friendships that aren’t serving you. Let’s normalize it!
  • Dana’s card of the day- reminding us not to quit before the finish line

The Take Home:

The pandemic has awakened our energetic levels in ways that might make us feel like navigating and reflecting on the people that we allow into our space. If we are evolving as human beings, we will attract others who are evolving too! Choose friends that love you where you’re at, and love your friends where they are at too. Do things that you love to do, and they will come when they are meant to come!

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. ” -Maya Angelou

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Get in touch with Michelle or Dana: 

Michelle Wolfe

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Dana Ruby Martin

Instagram: @danarubymartin


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