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Making Informed Choices

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Making Informed Choices

Michelle reflects on the choices we make everyday and how it impacts our confidence, and most specifically when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. Michelle uses her decision to dye her hair and eat as a vegetarian as examples that it is our own choice what we put on, in and around our bodies. 

It is your decision if getting a vaccine is right for you, and whether you decide to share this with the world is your personal choice. It can be really tricky to navigate conversations with people that might not share the same views as you. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Making choices, especially when it comes to personal health decisions, is a very personal choice
  • Make decisions for today so that you can feel confident and move through the day with ease
  • Body autonomy and making decisions for your own body is a personal decision
  • Not letting anyone else influence your decision, especially if they aren’t informed

The Take Home:

When faced with big personal decisions, especially when it comes to your own healthcare, this is a reminder that it is no one else’s business what you do or not.

With the information that you have today, now, do you feel confident enough in your decision to get you through difficult conversations? If not, continue to inform yourself to bring on the confidence! And set boundaries when you need to. 

Tip of the Week:

Avoid overconsumption of the news and media. If you’re considering making a decision in regards to your health, contact professionals in the field and find research that helps to support your process.

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