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Episode 458

My little cousin, Alex has officially made it for qualifying for the Olympics, for swimming, I am beyond the moon excited, my whole family is just so proud of him, he has done it, he has worked to be able to achieve this dream of his that he has had for so long. He has worked so hard, dedication, consistency, like you name it, he has put in the work. And here we are, he is officially qualified for the Paris Olympics. I'm so excited for him. And looking at that looking at the power and what it takes to manifest what we want to achieve what it is that we want in our lives. It takes a lot of work. And one of the most important things that are one of the key elements to actually manifesting what it is that we want, is working on ourselves is evolving as a spiritual human being. A lot of times we are being held back, because of the habits we have the past traumas that we have the limiting beliefs that we have. And in order to be able to actually allow those dreams and desires to come to us. We need to change. We need to work on ourselves to actually heal those past traumas to remove some of those blocks and thoughts and habits that we might have. That might be stopping us. I was thinking about my cousin and his experience and how a few years ago he tried to achieve the goal of going to the Olympics and qualify. And he didn't quite make the time. He was very close, but he didn't quite make it. Now this past year, I guess it's only been since September, and it is now what is it may. So not even a year later,  he has been in Ohio State University. So he has a very big change that has happened, new friends, new facility that he trains in new coaches, new experiences that he has had across the board a new country that he lives in. And by having all of those changes, the growth that he has had is exponential, which has now led him to actually qualifying and receiving that that time that he needed to actually make it to the Olympics. It just goes to show you how powerful the change and the evolution of growth and how it can help you achieve those goals and those desires that you're actually wanting to bring into your life. A friend of mine and I were talking recently, her name is Elisa Kurylowicz. You've heard her on the podcast probably before. And we were talking about how a couple of years ago, we are having a conversation we were both I remember I was actually at Yorkdale in a parking lot crying and she was crying. And we were both talking about how we wish our relationships were better. And our finances were better and our careers were better. And we just needed to change but we didn't know how to get there. And we were confused. And we were stressed out and tired and and all of these problems were just like, Boom, just like facing us up right dead center right there in front of us. We were both in the heat of it. And it was hard. And it was so stressful and tiring and scary. And it was unknown. And looking back now I can see that we were both focused on the problems. We were both talking about the situations like they were so big so bad. And what we weren't focusing on more so was the solution. Okay, now in our lives, when you look at maybe what is going around you in your own life. What are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the problem problem, is it a big huge thing? Are you talking about it often? Are you making it this big huge deal? Or are you finding a solution? Are you finding ways to actually improve the situation or in to improve yourself? So often now, when I have a situation come up, I have a bigger lens at the situation, I can step back from what's actually happening and identify that it's not necessarily that specific situation or circumstance in that moment, but yet, it's actually a bigger lesson for what I'm needing in order to grow and evolve of the as a spiritual well being. So when I have a fight with my partner, it's not about that specific thing. It's typically that we are both being tested. can we overcome this? Can we see that maybe someone has been triggered? And it might not be because of the circumstance, but maybe because of a past trauma of theirs? And so where did that actually stem from? Where did that frustration or that trigger actually stemmed from? And can we heal that frustration? Can we heal that trauma, if we heal that trauma, then the next time that that trigger comes up, it's not going to be a trigger? It's no longer a problem? Because it has been dealt with? Okay? Do you see how getting a bigger lens stepping away from the actual issue can actually help you see that it's not actually a problem, it's actually a lesson, it's actually a lesson for you in order to grow as a spiritual being. So taking anything that comes into your day, whether it be that you stubbed your toe, or you forgot your lunch at home, or you it could be anything, right how to fight with your child, whatever that may be. Is that actually the problem? Or is there a bigger picture for you to learn something, whether it be patients, whether it be that you are safe and protected, and that you are loved, and that you're going to be okay, and that you're calm? Are there bigger lessons out of this circumstance that you're seeing in this moment, that you can actually learn from and better yourself from, because that is where when we allow that knowledge to come in, where we are actually manifesting. 

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