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Be a Mental Health Warrior

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Be a Mental Health Warrior

Michelle reflects on mental wellness in this episode. After a loss in her community and a conversation with a client, Michelle reiterates how important it was to keep the conversations open around mental health.

Life is hard, but there are so many beautiful blessings around us. She sends love to all of her listeners and is open to having conversations around mental wellness with you.

On this episode we dive into: 

  • The perfect storms that lead to mental illness
  • Living life in line with our mental wellness
  • Living with purpose and how it contributes to our wellness
  • Trying to do something everyday that brings you joy, you deserve it
  • Leaning on your community when you’re feeling low

The Take Home:

It’s hard to see the light, in darkness. Talking about our mental health is tricky. We are worried about saying the wrong thing, or offending someone, if we approach these topics with others. Try to prioritize things in your day that support your mental wellbeing. Get outside, move your body, hydrate, talk with a good friend, pet a dog, whatever that is for you, do it!

Feel the love and big virtual hugs that Michelle is sending your way! We all have a light to shine.

Get in touch with Michelle:

Michelle Wolfe

Instagram: @themichellewolfe

Muve Collective Instagram: @muvecollective



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