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Bullying and Unique Self Care

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bullying self care

On today’s episode, Dana answers Michelle’s question!!

Q from Michelle: What are your favourite self care rituals? And what are you not doing right now that you’d love to start doing?

Dana answers Michelle that meditation and hot yoga are her top self care non-negotiable’s. She would absolutely love to start running again and chats about her experiences getting outdoors with her son. Dana also talks highly about grounding. She removes her shoes and stands in the earth, even in the winter. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • How Michelle’s stepdaughter, Sarah, starts a sticker company, and gives forward in her community 
  • Toxic positivity 
  • How denying our feelings can lead to harm and misplaced emotions
  • Self care, and the unique but amazingly effective techniques we can do everyday
  • How self care is speaking with intention

Spotlight on Bullying:

Michelle talks about how Sarah, her stepdaughter, was being bullied at school. She is open about their approach in parenting through bullying, and how to show compassion and empathy toward others. Witnessing a child who is experiencing bullying can be devastating to our heart strings. Kids are so intuitive, and there are always lessons in compassion and empathy, especially when it comes to realizing the hurt or pain someone else might be feeling. Sarah has made a “feelings” jar that is full of glitter, to represent all of the different emotions one person can feel. And the universe must be listening, because Dana’s tarot card was titled, “All That Glitters.”

 Michelle asks: how can we learn from our difficult experiences? 

“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.”- Unknown

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Get in touch with Michelle or Dana: 

Michelle Instagram: @themichellewolfe

Move Collective Instagram: @muvecollective


Dana Instagram: @danarubymartin

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