Change Strengthens Our Back Bone

Oct 21, 2021
Change Strengthens our back bone

How do we welcome change to make the transition a little more enjoyable? Especially when we know it’s going to be scary, lonely and overwhelming?

Michelle shares some BIG changes that are happening in her business life. She lets go of the Muve Collective, her online community that she started during the pandemic, to completely focus her attention on the Muve Forward Podcast! 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Having a backbone to be able to level up
  • Embracing change 
  • Big business changes with Michelle and her podcast!
  • Being conscious of what is taking up space in our brain

The Take Home:

How does change affect your mental wellness? If you embrace change, how would it make your life easier? There are few things more empowering than making a big change in your life that is scary but all the while, soul-filling.

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