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Choosing Calm Through Chaos

awareness healthy life impact intentional life moving forward muve collective muve forward podcast overwhelm podcaster canadian prioritize sleep puratae routines self development toronto influencer Feb 26, 2021
calm through chaos

Does change excite or overwhelm you? Are the days all blending together?

Since the stay-at-home-order in Ontario, I’ve created day-to-day experiences and routines that bring me joy! But, I’ve noticed that when I do have a busy week, I lose sight of the little things that fill me up and help me function well. 

Awareness is the key to living an intentional life. What you eat, how you move, and your quality of sleep, will all impact your energy, mood and your ability to ease through life. I’m here to remind you to harness your creativity when it comes to implementing the unique changes that bring you healthy outcomes. 

On this episode we dive into: 

  • Where to find time to enjoy the little things
  • How to implement joy into your busy schedule 
  • Why sacrificing sleep is not the answer longterm 
  • Prioritizing the little things that have the biggest impact

The take-home: 

During a busy week, doing the little things that have the biggest impact can help you get through. Healthy food choices, getting the amount of sleep that’s right for you, and moving however your body feels right, can help you achieve your bigger goals. Questions to ask yourself: What do you want? Who do you want to be? And, what do you need in order to make these things happen?


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